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We specialized on Smart Dancing Fountains. Our commitment to the world is to create a magical, interactive and beautiful experience in the viewers. Magic Fountain team focuses on creating secure technologies that allow a better performance of our products and a better interaction with them. Our commitment extends from the treatment of the water that circulates through our water sources and parks to the safety of the materials we use to build our parks Our company is 100% Mexican. We are manufacturers and we adapt to the space and environment of our customer

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Prefabricated Fountain Model * MF-FU-Gota-15-15J-3M *

It consists of a 4 ”Stainless Steel body measuring 15m x 35cm x 60cm in height. Reinforced Plastic Enclosures with integrated color. 15 RGBW-DMX512 48w Led type luminaires at 24v. Magic 15 pump with progressive DMX automatic control. 15 Stainless Steel Nozzles with 12mm water outlet. Solid Stainless Steel Filter. Stainless steel laser engraved plate to withstand the weight of people when interacting. Includes corks and fixing anchors. Includes submersible wiring and ip68 sealed joints.