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We specialized on Smart Dancing Fountains. Our commitment to the world is to create a magical, interactive and beautiful experience in the viewers. Magic Fountain team focuses on creating secure technologies that allow a better performance of our products and a better interaction with them. Our commitment extends from the treatment of the water that circulates through our water sources and parks to the safety of the materials we use to build our parks Our company is 100% Mexican. We are manufacturers and we adapt to the space and environment of our customer

Magic Fountain Reel 2017


Gota 4.0. MF-MB-GOTA4.0


CATEGORIA: Magia Básica
· Fuente modular inteligente con
DMX progresivo
"Tipo de gota: 2.0"
· Sistema musical (opcional) *.
· Cerebro independiente
Sumergible para control de
velocidad y altura
· Iluminación tipo LED de 1440
· Tablero de control automático
· Sistema de filtración inteligente.
con instalacion hidraulica
y electrico
· Garantía ilimitada